Konona Health Tech’s mission is to improve health and access to care by investing in innovative, consumer-centered solutions. We create value by co-creating, nurturing and accelerating growth of disruptive digital health and consumer medicine products.



We <3 HealthTech

While opportunities abound, healthcare remains a highly-regulated industry with a complex third-party payment system. The business model is as important as the product itself. At Konona we select innovative products that can support a viable business. We then work with founders on developing optimal paths to market.


Facilitating Growth

Konona Health Tech has been specially designed to meet the critical success factors for entrepreneurs and investors in digital health: proving the business case and getting paid.    


Real-World Testing

It's hard to get your product in the hands of those who need it. We help facilitate real-world clinical testing to evaluate your platform in the environment it's meant to be in, including doctors offices, pharmacies, and hospitals.