Thriver is an online platform designed for parents of children that struggle in school. Designed by a pediatric neuropsychologist and a parent of a kid with ADD, Thriver creates a learning profile based on 44 cognitive checkpoints. What the system gleans in the profile, it uses to refer the parent to areas for potential cognitive development with actionable recommendations.  With new insight, parents learn how to help in school, social, and extra-curricular activities. Thriver enlists Channel Partners to make it easy for Parents to choose products and services that will really help their children.



Online Cognitive Screen, developed and validated by an award winning clinical psychologist. Founders of BrainSCREEN provided 1000s of neuro-vocational and psychological assessments to insurance companies. They understand limitations of the current process: high cost and lack of consistent data to support business decisions. BrainSCREEN patented platform is available in 15 languages, and suitable for tracking cognitive changes over time. It is sensitive to the early stages of Dementia, Post-Concussive Syndrome, Attention Deficit Disorder, or other disease processes affecting brain function.



Commercial and clinical use of human and animal stem cells, including oozytes, will require robust methods for long term cryogenic storage that permit scale-up and automation. Ideal cryoprotectants prevent ice damage to cells, are not cytotoxic, do not include animal-derived proteins and can be easily and safely removed from thawed cells.  Founder of Ravioli Technologies is recognized pioneer in developing novel polymer microparticles and multi-responsive polyampholyte polymers.



Genetic information is crucial for disease prediction and diagnostics, fertility planning and managing medications. Vast majority of consumers, physicians, pharmacists and insurance companies, do not understand the genetic jargon and don’t have access to relevant genetic information, such as drug response, when they need it. GeneYouIn makes genetic testing affordable, understandable and accessible via web