We are a company of builders, passionate about consumer health tech.

At Konona, we view healthcare as a quintessential service business, one that requires the collaboration of clinicians, payers and patients. Patient and family engagement is critical to optimizing the healthcare process, improving provider performance and enhancing people's experience of healthcare. Technology should function as a prime enabler, empowering today’s patients and family voices in the healthcare environment.

And this is really the main thrust for Konona: solutions that make patients more self-sufficient, support clinical decision-making and provide the data vital for more efficient healthcare.

Konona HealthTech is a for-profit accelerator/seed investor fund structured to: 
• Select the best candidates, mentor them through development of a successful business model for enterprise sales;
• Validate solutions in “living” healthcare systems; demonstrate Product-Market fit for regional health systems, generate evidence-based business cases for enterprise-scale implementations; 
• Support the growth of successful companies through shared services;
• Connect qualified deal flows to Series A investors in markets outside of Canada.




  • Products that keep consumers healthy and self-sufficient. Focus on devices and software for cognitive and reproductive health, self-regulation and convenience of connected care.
  • Products for payers and providers that help them target attention to at risk populations and allocate resources wisely. Focus on data visualization, analytics and solutions that expand revenue opportunities and reach into the community.  


  • Evidence-based products supported by credible studies.
  • Working product and at least one paying customer.
  • Asset-light business models.


The Konona HealthTech Competitive Advantage:

1.    Cost-effective development and validation (50c to $1), leveraging integrated regional healthcare infrastructure and grants aimed at health innovators in Southern Ontario; 

2.    Strategic alignment with Canadian & European health enterprises for every investment cohort;

3.    Capital efficiency through shared services, hands-on implementation and commercialization support by Konona.